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About CULC

Find out about the country's oldest student labour club below



Established in 1900 as the Cambridge University Fabian Society, the club holds the distinction of being the oldest labour club in the country.


As the political landscape evolved with the emergence of the National Labour Party, the club underwent a transformation, rebranding itself as the Cambridge University Labour Club in 1920. This pivotal decade marked the beginning of a tradition where the club welcomed esteemed figures such as Ramsay MacDonald, Ellen Wilkinson, and Hugh Dalton, solidifying its status as the hub for socialist political discourse in Cambridge.


Over the years, CULC has maintained its commitment to hosting noteworthy speakers, attracting such names as Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Neil Kinnock, and Mark Drakeford in the past two years alone.


Throughout its history, the club has held a proud record of engaging in politics outside of the university campus. A historic example of this can be found in 1946, when the club staged a sympathy strike in Cambridge to express solidarity with underpaid lorry drivers in Smithfield; a more recent example can be found in 2023, when the club campaigned alongside and raised funds for striking UNITE members at the University.

The club's rich history is a testament to its enduring role as a crucible for progressive ideas and a platform for engaging with some of the most significant voices in British politics.

CULC Today

CULC continues to be the home for socialist discussion and activism in Cambridge. It is proud to boast an active student membership of 1000 students, and hosts multiple events every week in term time.  Recently, the club has expanded its reach to Anglia Ruskin university too, whose students are now eligible to join the club. The club continues to look for new ways to better represent the labour movement and make it as accessible as ever to students.

Our Events

Neil Kinnock visits CULC


Throughout the term, the club is honoured to host a wide variety of speakers to share their thoughts with our members. In the past, this has included former Prime Ministers like Clement Attlee, past Party leaders like Neil Kinnock and Jeremy Corbyn, journalists like Owen Jones, and prominent Labour politicians like Andy Burnham and Mark Drakeford.



The club holds a wide variety of socials every term. The most popular social is our fortnightly debate event, Pints and Policy, where members meet to debate ideas and relax. On the alternate weeks, the club organizes Lagers with Labour. Beyond this, the club hosts pub quizzes, karaoke nights, a weekly book club, a fortnightly discussion group, formal dinners, and even a prom!

CULC speaks at UNITE


The club is an active campaigning force in the city of Cambridge, broader student life, and British politics overall. We take pride in supporting Labour candidates in Cambridgeshire and beyond, collaborating with local MP Daniel Zeichner. As an affiliated organization of Labour Students, the club will often send students all over the country to advance the Labour cause.

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